About Us

Grupo Santamaria has over 15 years of commitment to design that improves life by improving the spaces it moves within. We believe that effective design solutions provide comfort, efficiency, interaction, and security. Working closely with our clients we seek out these solutions to the challenges and objectives of our project, by using proper process and research, believing that because form follows function, we must know function intimately.

We have had projects with, and are accredited designers for, companies such as Globe Telecom, Unilever Philippines, L’Oreal Philippines, Castille Realty (Cebu), Marcian Group (Zamboanga), Ayala Aviation, Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), and Philip Morris International, among others.

Our process always starts with thoroughly understanding the needs of our client. Whether a newlywed couple decorating a starter home or retirees renovating an empty nest, from a luxury brand’s pop-up to an established institution’s modernized facilities, the work begins with building trust, rapport, and communication. Only with these established do we begin to apply the knowledge, experience, and technology of our team.

Our Team